Tantus’ Mikey 02 god damnit!

So once upon a 3 weeks ago, I was all like “I should review the Mikey!” And I should have because it’s really great. And I’m gonna do it right the hell now. Unfortunately, I can’t get a crappy photo of it because it’s at my boyfriend’s house, and I’m hella forgetful, and bleuiwhedlqbdqn. Also, I have a weird, tangentially related IUD update that was preventing penetration from happening.

I’m bad at life.

The Mikey, however, is really good at life. The Mikey is thick, but not too; short and stout; and squishy, but only just so. The Mikey is made with your cervix in mind, if you have one. It is not a long dildo. In terms of thrusting, where normally I have to be careful with my cervix, and not ram large objects into it at high speeds, the Mikey doesn’t disturb it. But what the Mikey lacks in length, it makes up in (relative) width. With a diameter of 1.6″ it isn’t a dildo for the size queens. It’s the thickest thing I own and the thickest I can handle, for what it’s worth, and the texture, which is that more matte silicone, ensures there’s no shortage of sensation. The tip is unique in that it’s more like the shiny silicone that Tantus is known for, but the rest is the draggy kind. That dildo wants you to know it’s there, but wants to make entrance easy for you. BRILLIANT.

This is the only Tantus 02 toy I have, but it’s perfect consistency. I actually like it better than the Vixskin dual density (at least the Mustang’s) because it’s more dense and substantial. The squish is very shallow on the Mikey, and to me that gives it more body, but that’s a matter of personal taste. The consistency, I have found, provides more resistance during orgasm, which is a really cool sensation. I don’t really know how to describe that. It’s like the difference between a crunchy taco and a soft taco.


Pictured: A taco with an identity crisis. Those are potatoes. What is going on here?

With a thick base, shiny head, and shorter shape, it’s pretty great for a harness, I imagine. You can get zealous with the thrusting without gouging anyone’s junk. Ditto having a partner use it by hand. Go nuts!

Couple of things though: 1. It only comes in “never seen the sun vampire flesh” and “maybe south of france flesh” and I got probably one of the last black ones. Boo. Also, if you need X-TREME g-spot stimulaion, maybe look elsewhere. While the Mikey has a kiiiiinda exaggerated head, and a wee bit of a curve, it isn’t laser-guided to the g-spot by any means. Just sayin.

Now, I wanted to get this review done during the month of Feb because Tantus is selling all 02 line dildos at 30% off with the code IHEARTYOU til the end of the month, which is like. Really really soon. You should prolly get your hands on one here.

Tantus Alumina Pace (review pt 2)

For the second part of this review, we visit Tantus’ Alumina Pace. I lurv this plug.

It’s made of aluminium, and is heavier, which I didn’t know was great til I tried it. Definitely not as heavy as steel, for example, but certainly more substantial than silicone. The finish on this plug is almost a matte, velvety feel. It holds temperatures very well, too. I don’t understand the appeal of cold, but it does that, if you want it to. The only weird thing, I find, is that the ring where the plug unscrews…

…can be irritating. It isn’t irritating the whole time I’m wearing it, but insertion and removal are complicated by it.
The Pace unscrews because everything in the Tantus Alumina line unscrews and you can frankenstein the parts together if you so choose.

The shape is tricky. It works well for my body, in that although the neck is long (probably too long for some people’s taste) depending on the amount of butt padding you have, it may be a non-issue. I also like the rounded end because it’s a source of stimulation unto itself, but because it’s only an inch in diameter, I keep getting freaked out that it’s gonna migrate or something. It hasn’t, but, paranoia triumphs still. Another bonus, and really the thing I like best, is that the insertable portion isn’t terribly long.

I do want to compare the Pace to the Little Flirt. They’re certainly both good plugs, but the Little Flirt, again, for me was only useful a handfull of times. The Pace, I will probably use forever. The Little Flirt has a bulky base, the Pace has a round one. The Little Flirt isn’t stimulating because it’s long and it anchors itself in place; Pace can move around and muscles will play with it. The Little Flirt shouldn’t be used with silicone lube, but the Pace can be. The Little Flirt is .8” and the Pace is 1.25” and not as tapered. If you’re confident that you want to play around with butt plugs, and you find yourself looking on the Tantus site during the month of October while the butt toys are 25% off (hint hint), you may just want the Pace. If you’re more unsure, perhaps the Little Flirt. Or some other plug entirely.

Just don’t buy that jelly shit. I’ll haunt your ass.

No joke.

Tantus Little Flirt (review part 1)

In honor of Tantus’ discount on butt toys, I shall review the first and second butt plugs I ever purchased. Today, the Little Flirt.

As the name suggests, the Little Flirt is quite small, maxing out at just under an inch at it’s widest point and an insertable length of 3”. It’s quite flexible and, like (nearly) everything sold by Tantus, it is made from a low-traction, medical-grade silicone.

The Little Flirt is a good first plug, no doubt. The size and flexibility make this plug feel less invasive for the first couple of uses.

However, the shape of it is prohibitive for extended use. The base is wide and doesn’t sit comfortably between cheeks. I actually sliced off chunks of the base as an experiment in ergonomics. I give that a resounding “meh.”

The other design flaw is that the tapered design of the plug starts to feel less secure very quickly while moving around. Unlike other plugs which have a narrow stem relative to the bulky part, this plug feels like it’s hanging on for dear life. Part of that, I think, is the length.

Admittedly, this plug piqued my interest in plugs more generally. The (lack of) girth was highly instrumental in that, and the gradually tapered shape, as weird as it is to me now, made insertion extremely easy. In addition, the tininess and straightness make it super easy to wear during sex.Truly, that first 3ish times I used it before deciding I wanted different things in my butt were pretty easy.

The link above is selling this toy for $17. I have to say, considering the quality of materials, for a first plug, it’s a good investment. If you know you’re into anal play, maybe bypass it for something shaped better, but if you wanna find out what plugs feel like the most painless way possible, the Little Flirt is a pretty good bet. At the link provided above, all plugs/anal probes are 25% off with the coupon code WHATWHAT which gets applied at checkout (making this plug $13). The “grab bag” is all about random colors.

Just, ya know. Think about it.