I wrote 25,000 words over 3 weeks and am still too exhausted to jerk off

So I haven’t reviewed anything or posted anything in a minute. Turns out finals time during grad school is like, hard and stuff. Didn’t see that coming.  So eventually I’ll sit my ass up and start shoving things in it for your education and entertainment again. Probably this week. But after writing 70 pages worth of words about Arctic diseases, gentrification and dildos (not in that order), my two week period rolled in and was like HAY DID YOU MISS ME.


And then I slept for several days. I’m still sleeping actually. Writing this as I sleep. And thanking the canadian gods every day for this lil gift:https://i0.wp.com/alittleadrift.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/diva-cup2.jpgBless this Diva Cup, for it is good and great.

Also I bought a Wahl. It’s kinda meh. My adrenal glands are in shards right now. I’ll get back when they work again.