Hi internet!

After not blogging for a year an a half, and an actual 6 month hiatus from this thesis from hell, I have made a decision.

I am condensing this festering tumor of a paper into one, singular, non-editorialized article, briefly portraying the work that sex toy reviewers do specifically relating to campaigning against PVC and phthalates in sex toys.

I’m not gonna fux with talking about packaging, language, marketing, or any other type of foucauldian content or textual analysis. It’s cumbersome, and I am not actually trained in that. Although I think it’s equally important work, and as a geographer is more relevant to my original quest of determining how sex positive feminism changes sexual spaces………..my advising committee was always utterly bewildered by it. Further, I can’t make an honest commentary on the subject without going on and on about the neoliberalism implicit in this mode of activism and it’s too heady.

Thus, this will all boil down to a small article, no more than 2000 words. And I’m glad.

And then I can move on and put this all to rest.



OMG Grad school

I’m being eaten aliiiiiive!

But I have a project. I will be comparing a supply chain analysis of two sex toys! I’ll also be discussing their marketing and consumer base. Stay tuned for updates, as this is part of a much larger body of work. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of a vibrator that I plan to academically slaughter.

Oh, you.

Oh, you.