Modding sex toys

I found this article about adapting sex toys for use by people with various physical disabilities. It’s a really cool article because it discusses some of the less obvious issues associated with disability, like increased or decreased sensation. Anyway, check it out here.

Sex toys are really important for reasons like this. They’re instrumental in providing sexual satisfaction to a wide variety of people who might feel limited by their physiology. Hooray tools!

Sexual policing is NOT sexy and it definitely isn’t the role of scientists. The creators are paranoid that this drug might make women like sex too much. I don’t need to rehash the article, but here’s the original NY Times article.

‘Female Viagra’ Could Cause ‘Societal Splintering,’ According to Scientists

Having a good consent vocabulary

Dom(me)s of the world:

Obviously, y’all are very important to me as educators, lovers and friends.

And every now and then, one of you springs up (or for some reason, hordes of you, where I’m involved) who doesn’t understand that a sub will have boundaries. Just like anyone else. If it’s unacceptable under vanilla circumstances, it’s probably unacceptable under all circumstances.

I’m going to post this as a reminder: tops, think hard about whether you do any of these things. Bottoms, think about whether you’ve witnessed this behavior anywhere recently.

Kinksters are in a unique position to be pioneers of a better consent culture. Can we please fucking work on that?