Mediacraft’s Fairy Wand: the giant one

This thing looks like a weapon…or a microphone. I keep it next to my bed as much for its use as a vibrator as for bludgeoning. was watching Boondocks.

The good news: This thing is the only thing that has made me squirt. It only did it once, which I guess means I’ve been trying too hard since then. Because it plugs in, its power is unyielding. Unlike the Hitachi, it has a rolling setting switch that’s placed very conveniently. The cord is long…like 6 feet. I love that the head is attached to a bendable neck, so it doesn’t wilt when pressure is applied.

The bad news: While impossibly powerful, it’s also somewhat buzzy. Or something…I can’t put my finger on it. What is it that makes a vibrator itchy? And numbing, dear god. 10 mins with it, and I can’t feel like, my entire pelvic region. Maybe it’s the weird ridges on the head, which I believe to be TPR. I can’t imagine why they did that. Avoid numbness with the lower settings, but the high settings are rather uncomfortable to me. It gets very hot. It only comes in pink.

Overall, I feel like the world can do better than this vibrator. The negatives don’t outweigh the positives, and the positives are true of other wand/massager style vibrators. There are bazillions…more than I can name. Best reviews I’ve heard are the Vibratex Mystic Wand, which I believe is a silicone head. I’d like to try this wand with attachments, though. Apparently the Hitachi attachments fit, and a better material might make this a more comfortable experience.


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