I don’t know how I feel about this


What if I want green pubes? Or blue? Why is this being marketed unironically? I hate you. I hate you so so so hard and yet, I wanna see the look on my boyfriend’s face when I have neon pink pubes. Ugh whyyyyyyyyy.


Liberal feminists, I don’t get why you even.

Globalization is creating a template for a new femininity whereby women and girls are the predominant source of information and governance, while also representing the bottom of the economic barrel. The class gap between women is widening more rapidly than it is between men, in part because men are falling wantonly from the workforce.

There is a fear among the right that women are overtaking men and rendering them useless. I would assert that because women carry both the capacity to maintain work and household (as in, carry fetuses while also working) that they have surpassed their male peers in terms of economic functionality but also in terms of familial goals. Men, particularly men on the right, fear that they are becoming unnecessary and are therefore developing a reactionary politic in a flailing attempt to reclaim the only sphere where they feel relevant.

In the US, we’re seeing a gross development of anti-abortion legislation which is designed to undermine women’s agency as independent reproductive and economic actors. States like Texas and Arizona have gone out of their way and defied all that is scientific to deprive women of their choice not to reproduce. Likewise, women who have been deemed “unworthy” by the penal system in other states like California have lost their right to reproduce. These rights (despite the governor of AZ being female) are effectively being undermined by men with the intention of maintaining patriarchy.

Meanwhile, women are enrolling and graduating in higher education in higher and higher numbers each year. In certain generations and within certain demographics, women have out-earned and out-employed their male peers. The above legislation is indeed connected to this trend, as male legislators are attempting to return women, barefoot and pregnant, to the kitchen.

This trend outlined in the US is relevant for different people in different ways. Most of the women traditionally seeking abortions are educated and come from middle or upper-middle class backgrounds. They have economic goals which span years and they will not marry in their early 20’s if at all. This legislation was designed for that demographic, but it will not affect them in proportion to others. Women of that class background probably have better access to travel and can get out of town or state and go elsewhere for medical services if needbe, but lower-income women, women under 21, and women who already have children or other high-stakes responsibilities might not be able to make the trip. This legislation disproportionately affects them. The issue of abortion rights is one frequently appearing when one makes a case for prioritizing federal governance.

This is what liberals do. They find topics like abortion or “employ at will” laws and reveal the state-level legislation to be oppressive for anyone who isn’t a middle+ class, straight, white, able man. The liberal agenda, so they claim, is to give equal access of opportunity to groups of people that traditionally don’t have access to things like healthcare, education, healthy food, etc.

Does the federal government deliver? Fuck no.
Is a “right” something one should have to ask (see: lobby, march, write) for? Fuck no.

Do I believe a liberal when the liberal says they have the interests of “minorities” in mind? Fuck no.

So what is a person to do when they see that state-level legislation is not prepared to protect freedom, but when the federal government is equally regressive and ultimately every system is run by buffoons?

I call for the end of the United States of America. For the end of the nation-state as we know it. But that isn’t a thing that will happen.

What the fuck do radicals do when they bump up against nihilism?

Lube N00b- an ongoing inquiry

I use a lot of lube. I’ve tried a lot of lube. Lube is great and good and good and great.

I have a deep, turgid hatred for water-based lubes. They get sticky so so so quickly, and I have been too turned off to try the ones that claim not to. So for the most part, I’ve stuck to silicone lubes and just avoided silicone toys, opting instead for glass, metal, and hard plastics. And then I fell in love:

Oh god, it’s got like minor antiseptic and antifungal capabilities, it’s totally compatible with silicone toys, it’s so so so smooth, it’s like $9 for 14 oz and you can use it to bake stuff and it has a really high smoke point and I like putting it on my genitals. I use one of these things to melt it down

Which is great cus it also works great as a massage oil. Also lotion. Also it lowers your cholesterol.

But it has one major flaw. which is that it is an oil. When oil meets latex, babies and infections happen. Condoms break, so you have two options, if you want to use coconut oil. Either use non-latex condoms (polyurethane, not polyisoprene. Polyisoprene is latex by a different name) or for those in monogamous relationships, go get yourselves tested and get on some kind of birth control. See my post below about IUDs.

But condoms are really great. Like super great and they’re more important than slathering your junk in food products. So, you can be astute and pay attention to the ingredients on any and every water-based lube you come across, or you can focus on silicones and reserve it for times when silicone toys aren’t in play.

Water-based lubes have some problems. One of them is glycerine (aka glycerol), which causes some of the drying out because it allows the lube to absorb into tissue. Also, it’s a sugar alcohol, and although I’m not a chemist, that sounds like a recipe for yeast infections. Also in butts, I would not be about something that absorbs, but that’s just me. Furthermore, there is an issue with parabens, which are used as preservatives. Sometimes they cause irritation, and that’s shitty. If you are a brave soul who will go with a water-based lube because you can, you know, use just one lube for everything, I would like to point you towards Sliquid. Their lube is satisfactorily not full of icky crap.

I’ll review some silicone lubes soon, when I gather them all…some are at the boyfriend’s house and I want to rate them by slipperyness or something. Mostly just looking for an excuse to mess with lube. Yeah. In summary, coconut oil is my favorite thing.

Mediacraft’s Fairy Wand: the giant one

This thing looks like a weapon…or a microphone. I keep it next to my bed as much for its use as a vibrator as for bludgeoning.

https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/1/?ui=2&ik=ea918442aa&view=att&th=1421c287f07edb64&attid=0.1&disp=inline&realattid=1450654421160151228-1&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_O2MRClBySkjQ7dkbUxpC0&sadet=1383451918272&sads=6p0qnNPIDnRocSuwrdPIDgonWWE&sadssc=1I was watching Boondocks.

The good news: This thing is the only thing that has made me squirt. It only did it once, which I guess means I’ve been trying too hard since then. Because it plugs in, its power is unyielding. Unlike the Hitachi, it has a rolling setting switch that’s placed very conveniently. The cord is long…like 6 feet. I love that the head is attached to a bendable neck, so it doesn’t wilt when pressure is applied.

The bad news: While impossibly powerful, it’s also somewhat buzzy. Or something…I can’t put my finger on it. What is it that makes a vibrator itchy? And numbing, dear god. 10 mins with it, and I can’t feel like, my entire pelvic region. Maybe it’s the weird ridges on the head, which I believe to be TPR. I can’t imagine why they did that. Avoid numbness with the lower settings, but the high settings are rather uncomfortable to me. It gets very hot. It only comes in pink.

Overall, I feel like the world can do better than this vibrator. The negatives don’t outweigh the positives, and the positives are true of other wand/massager style vibrators. There are bazillions…more than I can name. Best reviews I’ve heard are the Vibratex Mystic Wand, which I believe is a silicone head. I’d like to try this wand with attachments, though. Apparently the Hitachi attachments fit, and a better material might make this a more comfortable experience.