Wilmington, NC, sex toy shops, attempt 2

So I went to North Carolina. And in North Carolina, I went to 2 sex shops.

First, I went to Adam and Eve. I didn’t realize it was a physical place until seeing a skeevy billboard for it on I-40, at which point I proclaimed my boyfriend’s car the “dildo mobile” and after dropping our stuff at the sketchiest motel I have ever seen, we were on our way.
Adam and Eve (as in www.adameve.com) was interesting. The first word that comes to mind is “clean.” Unlike their web stock, which contains a disproportionate amount of porous, jelly, rubber, whatever shit, this place had more silicone in terms of vibrators than I was expecting. In terms of harness-friendly dildoes, I was disappointed. Missing a big population chunk there…I guess it’s to be expected of a store called Adam and Eve. Heterosexist, much? I will give them this credit: amazing wall of lube. So much lube. There’s never enough lube.

While travelling to Adam and Eve, we found another store called A Sweeter View. Raunchier. Better glass/metal selection and more harness-friendly stuff, though none of it made of safe shit. No kinky porn, no gay porn. No harnesses. No lube. Guh how do you not sell more than like 2 lubes? How do you stay in business? The fuck?

Both of these stores had some impact play equipment, but it was made by Pipedream and is therefore crap. And even the Wallgreens in Chapel Hill had 3 different silicone lubes. I dunno. Wilmington is cool, but…eh. Ehhh. Eh.


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